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Panama Hat

June 23, 2014

Panama Hat from JCrew Factory

You guys. I’m finally a hat person! Instead of agonizing any longer over whether I can pull off a chic summer hat… I decided to just freakin’ BUY ONE. And you know what? I’m in love. So much so, this calls for a photo shoot!

Wish List Wednesday: Blue & White

June 18, 2014

asos-Closet Skater Dress in Baroque Print

There’s nothing more classic than the color combo of blue and white. So crisp, so put-together. I’ve been seeing these colors everywhere — they’re universally flattering and pair perfectly with tanned legs (whether it’s from the beach or a tube of tanning lotion!). See what pretty blue and white items made today’s Wish List Wednesday.

5 Fashion Guilty Pleasures

June 16, 2014

Fashion guilty pleasure: jean jacket

What are your fashion guilty pleasures? You know, fashion trends that you love — I’m talking L-O-V-E love — despite feeling a bit of guilt for wearing them. It’s okay, we all have them. Maybe it’s your perfectly worn in Uggs or those yoga pants that you wear everywhere but to yoga. I have plenty myself — and so I thought I’d use today’s blog post to get them off my chest!