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10 Updo Hair Tutorials

June 26, 2014

Triple twisted ponytail

I’m all set on my outfits for my busy wedding-filled weekend — I’m a blogger/planner after all! — but what I need are a few easy DIY updos. So I turned to Pinterest and YouTube in search of some updo inspiration.

Stylish Summer Hats

July 15, 2013

SKILLAN from Aldo

Oh, hats! So chic on other people, so confusing on me. If you’re ready to take the hat plunge but need a of little hat guidance, click through for a little inspiration.

Hair Obsession: Twistbands

July 15, 2012

  During these hot summer months, there is a 100% chance you’ll see me wearing a ponytail holder on my wrist — armed and ready to tie back my mane at a moments notice. Once my hair is off my neck and I’ve cooled down a bit, I usually end up letting my ponytail out […]