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Hair Obsession: Twistbands

July 15, 2012

  During these hot summer months, there is a 100% chance you’ll see me wearing a ponytail holder on my wrist — armed and ready to tie back my mane at a moments notice. Once my hair is off my neck and I’ve cooled down a bit, I usually end up letting my ponytail out […]

Summer Hair Ideas

May 15, 2012

Beach trips, outdoor brunch, warm nights… frizzy hair. That’s right, summer weather is almost here and if you’re like me, your hair hates warm, humid weather. As temperatures rise, it’s important to have an arsenal of hairdos on hand (like my DIY hairdo above) so that you can quickly tame your locks and then get […]

Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

September 11, 2011

Reader Question: I’m on my second straight month of 80-90 hour work weeks and my styling routine has gone straight down the gutter. I don’t have time to pick an outfit, shower, put on makeup, and style my hair before I have to run out the door. Do you have any tips for saving time […]