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Home Decor Refresh

October 28, 2014

Grey & yellow patterned family room

After realizing that I’ve been sitting on a couch that entered my life back when flared jeans were all the rage, my husband and I decided it was time to make a grown-up purchase. This blog post comes to you from our new chaise sofa! Now that we have this fancy new living room setup, I’ve caught the decorating bug and want to upgrade our rug, art, and decorative accents! Yep, I’ve created a monster.

10 Updo Hair Tutorials

June 26, 2014

Triple twisted ponytail

I’m all set on my outfits for my busy wedding-filled weekend — I’m a blogger/planner after all! — but what I need are a few easy DIY updos. So I turned to Pinterest and YouTube in search of some updo inspiration.

Pretty Wedding Must-Haves

July 25, 2013

Set of 3 Painted Wooden Vases

Now that I’m about a month and a half away from my quickly-approaching nuptials (eeek!), it seems that every free moment is spent on wedding planning. Sorry, blog! Is it like this for all brides? I wanted to use today’s post to share a few pretty things I’ve been considering doing for our wedding