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Wish List Wednesday: Pastels

April 23, 2014

Anthropologie Zinke Starboard Swimsuit

After my neon moment on Monday, I’m finding myself now wishing for lovely pastel shades. Mint, lavender, peach. Sounds like the start of a delicious summer beverage, doesn’t it? Imagine that sweetness but in pretty clothing form! This week’s Wist List Wednesday features sweet shades for your closet.

Wish List Wednesday: Laser Cut

April 9, 2014

Jessica Simpson Laser Cut Dress

Prepare to geek out over eight laser cut dresses, purses, shoes, and more on today’s Wish List Wednesday. That’s right, a laser created all these unique designs (nerd alert!).

The Art of Layering

February 3, 2014

Olivia Palermo masters the art of layering

The opinionated Punxsutawney Phil has forecasted six more weeks of winter — which means six more frigid weeks of trying to stay both warm and cute! in our winter clothes. One of the easiest ways to tackle looking good in cold weather is to layer, layer, and then layer some more. Here’s how.