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Outfit: Bold Blouses + Blogging News

April 7, 2016

JCrew printed blouse, JCrew Factory necklace | Style Me Thrifty

In my last Wish List Wednesday, I dropped a super not-subtle hint: my husband and I bought a house! Hooray, we’re homeowners! What I didn’t tell you is: I’ve started another blog. And it’s about my new house. And yes, I’m nutso. And yes, I’m also so excited!

What to Wear to a Work Holiday Party

November 24, 2014

What to wear to a work holiday party

Here’s the outfit I wore to my husband’s work holiday party this weekend — purchased four hours prior to the party’s start time because umm, what the heck does one wear to an event with no dress code and no details on what to expect! Yep, even this fashion blogger gets stumped sometimes.

Wish List Wednesday: Warehouse Brand

September 10, 2014

Warehouse Textured Bird Print Dress

When it comes to online shopping, sometimes I’m convinced I’ve hit the end of the internet. No more new clothing brands to discover. It’s just the same brands and the same expected pieces. Since the shopping gods don’t want me to lose my faith in online shopping, they know exactly how to reel me back in. With a cool clothing brand I’ve never heard of before! Meet Warehouse.