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How to Wear Oxfords

November 3, 2014

How to wear: oxford shoes

Ladies, meet my new favorite kind of shoes. Oxfords. Hmm… or are they called lace-ups? Maybe they’re brogue shoes? Whatever you call these cute little flats, I’m in love. Oxfords are at the perfect intersection of fashionable and practical.

10 Fall Boots: $100 or Less

September 22, 2014

Boot Season 2014

At the very top of my fall fashion shopping list is a pair of expensive-looking-yet-secretly-super-cheap tall riding boots in cognac (specific much?). So I set off on a mission to find 10 boots for under $100. Mission. Accomplished. Now I’d like to add booties, wedges, and over the knee boots to my shopping list!

Striped Perfection

September 8, 2014

Shift dress | ASOS

Every once in awhile, the perfect piece of clothing walks in our lives. Meet one of mine: this black & white striped shift dress from ASOS. I swear, this dress was destined for my closet.