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Summer to Fall: Wear Now, Wear Later

August 18, 2014


August is an awkward month for shopaholics like us. Do we shop for summer clothes? Or start stocking up for fall? I’m always so conflicted! One could argue August is a good month to not shop at all — but I’m sorry, #notgonnahappen. My solution? Shop for summery items that can be worn now and that will easily transition to cooler weather.

Wish List Wednesday: Blue & White

June 18, 2014

asos-Closet Skater Dress in Baroque Print

There’s nothing more classic than the color combo of blue and white. So crisp, so put-together. I’ve been seeing these colors everywhere — they’re universally flattering and pair perfectly with tanned legs (whether it’s from the beach or a tube of tanning lotion!). See what pretty blue and white items made today’s Wish List Wednesday.

Wish List Wednesday: Flat Sandals

June 11, 2014

Miss KG Dawn Orange Nudette Two Strap Sandals

It may only be Hump Day, but I’m already planning this weekend’s agenda and the list involves two simple but important tasks: Get a pedi. Buy a new pair of sandals. Because nothing feels more like summer than a fresh coat of paint and new pair of shoes!