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Head to Toe J.Crew Factory

September 15, 2014

JCrew Factory | Style Me Thrifty

If you could only wear one brand for the next year, what brand would you choose? It’s a total no brainer for me: JCrew Factory. I could close my eyes and point at something on their website, and there would be a 100% chance I’d love it. Which is why today’s outfit is head to toe JCrew Factory.

Wish List Wednesday: Warehouse Brand

September 10, 2014

Warehouse Textured Bird Print Dress

When it comes to online shopping, sometimes I’m convinced I’ve hit the end of the internet. No more new clothing brands to discover. It’s just the same brands and the same expected pieces. Since the shopping gods don’t want me to lose my faith in online shopping, they know exactly how to reel me back in. With a cool clothing brand I’ve never heard of before! Meet Warehouse.

Striped Perfection

September 8, 2014

Shift dress | ASOS

Every once in awhile, the perfect piece of clothing walks in our lives. Meet one of mine: this black & white striped shift dress from ASOS. I swear, this dress was destined for my closet.