Pregnancy Progression Pictures

May 18, 2017

Pregnancy progression photos

“Take a gazillion photos. Document everything.” That was the parenting advice that I heard time and time again during my pregnancy from moms and dads.

They were specifically talking about once baby arrived — to photograph Theo’s every move — but since it was such wise advice, I figured I’d take it a step further and photograph to heck out of my pregnancy.

My phone is currently pushing it’s storage limits thanks to this advice! But I am so thankful to have so many photos of my pregnancy to look back on.

So I am passing on the advice today: take a gazillion photos of your gorgeous bump. Selfies, pics with your husband, outfits of the day. And think about dusting off that point-and-shoot camera and taking weekly pregnancy progression photos. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided I’d give them a shot. They were super easy to do and a fun weekly tradition for my husband and me.

Say hello to the growing bump in GIF form!…

And here are each of the weekly photos (click here to enlarge):

Pregnancy progression pictures

I love looking through these photos. At the time, it was so fun to see each week how my belly was growing. I remember thinking I was huge at week 25. Little did I know, that bump was just getting started!

Pregnancy Progression Photo Tips

Find a plain, consistent backdrop where you can take your weekly photos. We used one in our hallway, just off our master bedroom, so taking the pic each week was super convenient.

Try to take them around the same time of day for consistent lighting, such as before work.

Wear the same shirt… and watch that belly grow! I’m wearing a long sleeve maternity top from Old Navy and varied things up with accessories, my hair, or a seasonal prop.

Don’t forget one final shot of you holding the baby! It took us a couple weeks to remember to do this (and to find a day my hair was actually brushed) but it’s the perfect way to end the series of pics.

(Here’s my favorite photo — posing with my original baby!)

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  1. Sue Van Tassel

     /  May 18, 2017

    Well, my favorite is that last one! So sweet and the best way to end the series. Love, Sue

  2. Jane

     /  May 18, 2017

    This is fabulous! And you are such a beauty Maddy! Thanks for sharing these. Congratulations to you and Mark! You are the cutest new parents. Can’t wait to meet baby Theo!


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