Theo’s Birth Story

May 2, 2017

Welcome to the world, Theodore Jonas Van Tassel!

On April 4, our healthy, sweet little man made his much-anticipated arrival and I’ve been a delirious, happy, sleep-deprived mom ever since. Gosh, just look at that face!…

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Theo’s first month has been a beautiful blur, and I am left wondering how the heck moms keep up with blogging! Fortunately, Theo is sound asleep on dad right now, so I’m dusting off my laptop to document his birth story.

Theo’s Birth Story

We had been planning on meeting our little man on April 13 — that’s when my C-section was scheduled due to his stubbornly breech position. While a C-section was not what I had been envisioning during my pregnancy, I tried to look at the bright side: it at least gave me a couple weeks to finish up at work, research C-sections, get a pedicure, see a movie, sleep, etc.

Or so I thought…

On Tuesday, April 4, I went to work like it was any ordinary day and left early for my 38-week doctor’s appointment. I figured the appointment would be very uneventful since I was feeling great. Nope!

Two very different outfits of the day! (L) Smuggling a basketball into work for my last maternity selfie; (R) An outfit change into a chic hospital gown and hairnet.

My normally super low blood pressure was reading pretty high, and after checking it a few times and testing my urine, my doctor told me that I had signs of preeclampsia and needed to head straight to Labor & Delivery for further observation. Wait, what? She calmly told me: if my BP remained high, for the safety of the baby and me, there was a chance I would need to deliver him today. OMG.

I called Mark on my way over to L&D — we both sounded so excited and nervous and slightly giddy. While he rushed to the hospital, I waddled over L&D — still in my work clothes, no hospital bag, no husband, and a look of disbelief of my face — where I was hooked up to a BP machine for monitoring.

After two hours of consistently high readings, my doctor greeted us around 8pm and asked, “Are you ready to meet your baby?” What?! Yes! No! Is this really happening tonight?! At 2pm, I was just a 38-week pregnant lady. At 9:47pm, I would become a mom. Incredible.

My C-section went great. It’s scary having any major surgery, but I felt at peace with what was happening thanks to a lot of good advice I had previously received from my fellow CS mama friends. I focused on Mark during the surgery, who was able to stand by my head and hold my hand, and zeroed in on listening for Theo’s first cry. It didn’t take long before one loud, high-pitched cry erupted in the OR. He was here. It’s a glorious sound that will forever be engrained in my memory.

Theo was born at 9:47pm, weighing 6lbs 6oz and measuring 19.74 inches long. We are so blessed that his arrival went smoothly, despite the last minute frenzy, and are thankful to the staff at Virginia Hospital Center for keeping us all safe.

And finally, a big thanks to all of YOU for following my pregnancy journey here and on social media. I’ve appreciated all of your sweet words and wise advice. Keep it coming, moms!

Newborn photos by Rachel E.H. Photography

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  1. Catherine A Barrett

     /  May 4, 2017

    He’s so beautiful! Congratulations! Maybe our boys will be friends one day. :)


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