Gift Guide 2016: Pajama Party Edition

December 14, 2016

Aerie Magical Graphic Slipper | Style Me Thrifty

Aerie Slippers

I see you, Christmas, quietly trying to sneak up us. Ah ha! Jokes on you, Santa, my Christmas shopping is (mostly) complete! Keyword: mostly. Every year, it’s right around this time when I realize that I’ve either forgotten a gift or I come up with a great last minute idea. Luckily, most places still offer speedy shipping so there is still time for last minute shopping!

Maybe it’s the threat of a polar vortex or it’s just this cozy time of year, but I have pajamas on the brain. Heels? Nope. Sequins? Meh. Comfortable, warm PJs? Yep! Today’s gift guide is full of cute sleepwear for Christmas morning, a lazy new year’s day, or heck, even a random Wednesday night. Sweet dreams!



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  1. My boyfriend got my parents and I pjs for Christmas and he doesn’t know my mom got him a set too. Always a great idea for the time of year where you just want to be cozy!
    x0x0 Caroline


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