Wish List Wednesday: Buy Me Now! Clothes

March 23, 2016

Wish List Wednesday: Buy Me Now! Clothes | Style Me Thrifty

Baublebar necklace | Anthropologie skirt

Today’s Wish List Wednesday is simple and selfish: these are the things I’d be buying right now… if I wasn’t on a shopping ban!

You see, my husband and I are in the crazy/exciting/terrifying process of purchasing our first home (more to come on that!). Early on in the process, our Realtor looked at us and firmly said: no big purchases until we close on this house. He meant business. Any purchases out of the ordinary could throw off the loan process.

I gulped. And reluctantly agreed to scale back on buying new clothes. Sure, a new tank top wouldn’t sound off the alarms to our loan officer, but we’ve decided to play it super safe and not buy anything frivolous.

But but but! If I could shop, I would buy the following items. Immediately. I mean, I neeeed these lace-up heels!



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