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Wish List Wednesday: Fall Sweaters

September 30, 2015

Sweater Weather // must-have cozy fall sweaters

With fall weather on the horizon and the smell of Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the air (which btw, I tried for the first time ever last week!), I’ve decided to embrace a new shopping mantra: buy it now. As in, stop procrastinating like I do every season and shop NOW for fall and winter fashion.

7 Fitness Trends to Try/Wear Right Now

September 24, 2015

SPIbelt review // the perfect running belt

I swear my 30’s have made it harder to stay fit (thank you, metabolism), so lately I’ve been getting more creative with my workouts and trying out new fitness gear. Today I wanted to share seven of my latest fashionable fitness obsessions — hopefully you’ll find something new to try!

Why Fashion Is NOT Frivolous

September 18, 2015


I read an article recently that really left an impression on me: a smart, educated reporter for the Tampa Bay Times was getting hate for occasionally writing about fashion. Let me tell you how much I hate this sentiment. Fashion is not frivolous. Fashion is confidence.