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Outfit: Summer Tweed Party Dress

June 29, 2015

Wedding Ready: tweed flit & flare turquoise dress, glitter belt, silver wedges

Another wedding in the books (don’t ya love summer weddings?) and one of my best gals is officially off the market! I picked up this tweed turquoise dress at Current Boutique, a consignment store in my area. Tweed is a heavier fabric but with a slightly cooler climate in the mountains and a keyhole back, it ended up being perfect. An inexpensive glitter belt from Target pulled it together.

Wish List Wednesday: Summer Clutches

June 24, 2015

Affordable summer clutches

Because I walk by my bag collection everyday (wait till you see my “wall of purses!”) it’s come to my attention that I could add a few more affordable clutches to the mix. Lightweight and cheerful ones for summer. A few I’m currently wishing for…

The Perfect Impulse Purchase Tank

June 22, 2015

Francesca's Reilly Printed Tank

In an effort to not spend my entire paycheck on clothing, I’ve become more of a planner when it comes to new purchases. But every so often, an impulse purchase just happens. Whoops! You can’t explain these purchases — they’re unplanned, fast, and glorious. That’s what occurred when I saw this $28 tank at Francesca’s.