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What to Wear to a Baseball Game

April 29, 2014

Baseball game outfit

I feel lucky to live in Washington, DC where Nationals games have become the quintessential DC activity. Since I consider myself a legit Nats fan, I’m proud to rock a [cute, well-fitting!] team jersey. After some serious people-watching at the last game I attended, I decided my fellow sporty ladies could use a bit of help answering the all-important “what do I wear to a baseball game” question.

{Super} Affordable Wedding Dresses

April 25, 2014

20 Super Affordable Wedding Dresses

H&M recently announced that they were selling a $99 wedding dress and my reaction was both skepticism and curiosity (ahem, will it be cute?). When I saw the dress, I was sold. It lived up to all the hype. Gorgeous, simple, and a total steal. Using H&M as inspiration, I set out to see if there were other retailers making inexpensive bridal gowns. The verdict? Here are 20 gowns, all under $500!

Wish List Wednesday: Pastels

April 23, 2014

Anthropologie Zinke Starboard Swimsuit

After my neon moment on Monday, I’m finding myself now wishing for lovely pastel shades. Mint, lavender, peach. Sounds like the start of a delicious summer beverage, doesn’t it? Imagine that sweetness but in pretty clothing form! This week’s Wist List Wednesday features sweet shades for your closet.