Honeymoon Style Guide (Guest Post)

September 16, 2013

Today’s guest post comes to you from my favorite San Francisco blogger, Emily from Sparkle Meets Pop. I first met Emily on Twitter (where most great blogger friendships start!) and finally met her in person at LuckyFABB blogger conference. Emily is sharing some honeymoon style advice today, very approp!

Honeymoon Style
I’m so thrilled to be joining Style Me Thrifty today with some honeymoon style ideas for you! There’s nothing quite like a honeymoon. You’re fresh off the high of being a newlywed and everyone you encounter is excited for you and wanting to make sure you have a great time. Not to mention you’re often greeted by a bottle of bubbly. What’s not to love?
While we chose a tropical trip, I have often thought that touring a city, say like my local San Francisco, would be perfect for a love-filled trip. The key is to be comfortable, but with a little something special, be it metallic shoes or a statement necklace. Don’t forget to bring a cute nightie wherever you go!
Honeymoon Style: City
City Style Links:
Shirt | Robe | Dress
Shoes | Necklace | Bag
Honeymoon Style: Tropical
Tropical Style Links
Sparkle Meets Pop

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