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Family-Friendly Spring Dresses

March 28, 2012

Reader Question: I need some advice on what to wear to my nephew’s christening in May. I am the God Mother and want to look stylish, yet appropriate… all on a budget!  Style Me Thrifty: Congrats, auntie! What a special time for your family. Time to celebrate by going shopping for a family-friendly outfit! There […]

The Dirt on Dry Shampoo

March 22, 2012

Ladies, let’s talk about dry shampoo — the world’s sneakiest beauty product. When I first heard the term dry shampoo, I was uber skeptical and well, just plain confused (how can shampoo be dry?!). But with a little practice, I’m officially hooked and now a walking advertisement for dry shampoo. Let’s break down my love […]

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

March 16, 2012

I recently embarked on a determined quest to find a blush that doesn’t fade after 30 minutes. You see, I’ve been using a basic powder blush — and while I like the pink shade when I first apply it, I’m convinced that it immediately fades into my skin. What gives? In an attempt to keep […]