Valentine’s Day: A First Date (2/3)

January 26, 2012

Boy meets Girl [online]. Boys asks Girl out. Girl says yes and then realizes that their first date is planned for Valentine’s Day evening. What does Girl wear?!

If you’re single and ready to mingle this year, here’s a romantic outfit that says: I’m approachable (not: I’m desperate). Light pink is the perfect, non-intimidating color on Vday. And seriously, how cute are these flats??

Boy smooches Girl.

(Check back tomorrow for one more Vday outfit idea! Did you miss yesterday’s red-hot outfit? See it here)


Valentine's Day: A First Date

Skinny Jeans
$45 –

Heart Of The Matter Flat
$30 –

Cutout Hinge Bracelet
$7.80 –

Fringed Chain Earrings
$4.80 –

Sheer Scarf
$12 –

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