To Infinity… and Beyond!

December 21, 2011

Infinity scarves

I never thought I’d be quoting Toy Story on this blog, but my recent obsession with infinity scarves means Buzz Lightyear quotes have been replaying in my head. Over and over. Infinity scarves are everywhere!

Scarves are definitely a chic and cozy accessory, especially during these cold months, and retailers are now pushing infinity — also known as loop or circle — scarves. Guess what? I’m buying! This trend is super easy to wear: just wrap the circular scarf once or twice around your neck. I recommend picking up a chunky, cable knit infinity for lazy days and a soft, printed scarf for work. Wrap, smile and go!

A few favorites:

Chain link scarf from Nasty Gal

Chunk knit strip infinity loop scarf from LOFT

Wildflower scarf from Urban Outfitters

Ribbex lurex infinity loop scarf from LOFT

Cotton jersey loop scarf from Etsy

Collection XIIX Scarf, Basket Weave Inifity Scarf from Macy's

Where to shop (top to bottom): Pink infinity from ($13.56) // Zebra from ($7.96) // Chain link from Nasty Gal ($18) // Chunky knit from LOFT ($39.50) // Wildflowers from Urban Outfitters ($24) // Grey loop from LOFT ($34.50) // Cotton jersey from Etsy ($33.60) // Basket weave from Macy’s ($27.99).

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  1. Jane

     /  December 21, 2011

    Oh my gosh, this is so great! Yay for infinity scarves :)

  2. Love these picks! I actually love infinity scarves more than the normal kind – so much so that now I knot my normal scarves together!


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