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Nail Stickers?!

April 25, 2011

In a former life, I think may have been a manicurist. I love being girly and doing my nails. That said, I realize the general female population probably does not share my hidden talent of super steady hands — which is why beauty companies are coming out with a genius, mess-free alternative to nail polish: […]

Poll: Which Bridesmaid Shoes Would You Wear?

April 21, 2011

THIS is what a fashion indecision looks like: My lovely older sister is getting married in a week. Since my sis is pretty awesome, she told me I could pick out my own maid-of-honor dress and shoes. A dream come true for any fashionista bridesmaid! With much determination, I was able to find the prettiest […]

The Perfect Pair of Flats

April 19, 2011

Reader Question: I am in pursuit of the perfect pair of flats. Something good for walking (i.e. comfortable and durable), versatile, work/weekend appropriate, and under $100. Does that shoe even exist?  Maybe I am just asking too much?! Answer: First and foremost, I give big ups to the person who invented ballet flats. Freakin genius. […]