Thrifty Valentine’s Date: Breakfast in Bed

February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day date idea: breakfast in bed | Mugs & card: Papyrus

Good Morning Beautiful mug | Good Morning Handsome mug | XOXO card

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, lovers! Let’s first commemorate this sometimes confusing holiday with an awkward trip down memory lane:

I once had a boyfriend tell me that he “didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day.” As if V-day was something magical, like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, and it wasn’t cool to believe in it past a certain age. This infuriated me and needless to say, he’s an ex for a reason!

As you all know, I’m happily married now (to a different man — thank goodness) but I still view Valentine’s Day the same way I always have: it’s a day to show the people in your life that you love them. Simple as that. Spouses, parents, friends, pets. It’s not about expensive gifts or fancy meals or magic, which my ex sure seemed to think. Just love.

The hubby and I have plans to visit my best friend and her husband over the long Valentine’s weekend (romantic!) so we decided to celebrate just the two of us a week early the only way I know how: with a thrifty date at home.

This date idea could not be easier and now I’d like to do it every weekend!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Step 1: Gift each other something sentimental. We both love drinking coffee together on the weekends, so these Good Morning mugs from Papyrus are meaningful, cute, and inexpensive.

Good morning beautiful! #valentinesday

Step 2: Make a yummy breakfast. I followed this recipe for heart-shaped cinnamon buns. All you need is refrigerated rolls — use a knife to cut through the indentations in the rolls, then unroll them and form into heart shapes. Add a side of bacon because well, life is always better with bacon.

Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls | Perfect for breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day!

heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, perfect for Valentine's Day

Step 3: Lounge around in love. The final step should be easy! Sit back with full bellies and enjoy a few quiet minutes alone with your Valentine.

Thrifty Valentine’s Date: Breakfast in Bed


This post was sponsored by Papyrus. As a reminder, Style Me Thrifty only partners with brands that I really, truly love. Speaking of love, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Genius Invention: Necklace Extenders

February 5, 2016

Genius invention: necklace extenders to lengthen a necklace's chain

A whole blog post dedicated to… necklace extenders?! I’m going to guess you didn’t see this coming…

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Let me explain. My statement necklace game is on point. It’s a source of pride for me — some people are proud of their homes or hot bodies. I’m proud of my ability to select a bold necklace and wear it with confidence. Boom.

That said, I have a pet peeve when it comes my beloved flashy jewels: sometimes the chain is not the ideal length. Case and point — this Baublebar sparkler. Cute, but even with its adjustable chain, it’s too short to lay perfectly over a collar.

Luckily, Amazon held the answer: necklace extenders!

Genius invention: necklace extenders add length to a necklace's chain

These little suckers are short chains in varying lengths with lobster clasps on either end. Attach them to your necklace’s chain and presto! Extra length! I purchased this set (for $9, way cheaper than buying another necklace!), which came in three different lengths (2″ 3″ 4″) and in gold & silver.

Statement necklace with extender chain

It was the cheapest, easiest purchase I made on Amazon that month… cat food aside, of course.

So yes, there you have it. 200 words about genius necklace extenders. You’re welcome ;)

Shop Statement Necklaces


Blogging Blues / Why I Took a Blog Break

February 1, 2016


JCrew Factory sweatshirt

Hey there, readers! Didn’t expect to see you there! After a month-long blog hiatus, I wasn’t sure if this mic would still be on…

Check 1, check 2, testing, testing…

Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been a little quiet lately — or maybe you haven’t, which is a-okay! There sure are enough fab fashion blogs out there to fill the style void. But when the calendar turned to 2016 and I realized I’m approaching 5 years of blogging (read my first blog post for a laugh), I decided to put my feet up and TAKE A FREAKIN’ BREAK.

It’s been glorious.

Instead of camping out behind my laptop on Sunday afternoons, I have: napped, drank coffee, drank wine, laughed with my hubby, spent time with my family, cleaned out my closet, made new Crock Pot recipes, worked out, binge-watched Making a Murderer, and napped some more. And these are just the highlights.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I still love fashion. I still love writing. And I definitely still heart all of you! But I’m feeling a bit “meh” about blogging. Lemme try to sum up these strange feelings:

1. The fashion blogging world has changed A LOT in 5 years.

In good ways… and in not-so-good ways. I love seeing bloggers get the spotlight but also cringe at what it can take to get there. Before it was all about passion and hustle — but now? It seems you need to hire a professional photographer, post to Instagram early & often, say yes to sometimes odd brand collaborations, buy clothes all the time, look a certain way, and always come up with crazy new outfits. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

On a related note, I realize this may sound slightly ridiculous, but fashion blogging has become very… vain. Um, hasn’t it always been like that? Well, no. In previous years, I saw bloggers (including myself) find success with really honest posts that supported the idea that fashion is about building confidence — not about looking perfect. But lately I keep seeing posts that feature photo after photo of a blogger looking flawless, without any words or style advice. Just perfect pretty photos. Fashion is so much more fun when it’s about feeling good, not looking like a model! I wish all bloggers made that their motto.

2. Hobbies shouldn’t feel like homework.

My mother-in-law said this to me recently and it really resonated with me. If you’re going to put time into any hobby, it should be FUN, not feel like work! We already have full-time jobs!

Sadly, blogging has felt more like a chore as of late. I lack the motivation to blog or I find 10 things I’d rather do (Netflix wins every time). To me that’s a red flag to reassess why I’m doing this in the first place — and either fall in love with it again or find another way to make it fun.

3. Real experiences > virtual ones.

Life is pretty incredible when you take the time be present in the moment and just enjoy it. But when you’re a blogger, it can be hard to exercise the “be present” rule. I was finding that I would often put the blog before myself — always brainstorming new things to buy or changing plans so I’d have time to take photos for Style Me Thrifty.

So over the past month, I’ve flipped that around and did things for ME, not the blog. Like not wearing make-up or anything fashionable for an entire weekend (thank you, fleece sweatshirt!). And visiting the Renwick Gallery instead of surfing the web for my next purchase. And talking on the phone with my BFF for an hour instead of zoning out on Twitter. Hello real life, nice to see ya!

Real memories are so much more meaningful than adding another page to the Internet.


Sooo… now what?

Where does this leave me? First, this is NOT the end of Style Me Thrifty! But I DO want to make a few changes. In no particular order:

-I’m going to blog when the mood strikes me (once a week or once a month — each post will be a surprise!).

-I’m going to stop worrying about getting perfect photographs (are you all cool with mirror selfies like this — they’re so much easier to take and that means my Instagram husband is off the hook!).

-And I’m just going to KEEP IT REAL (#yolo). Real fashion advice for real women with real lives. Perfection (or the perception of perfection thanks to Photoshop) is overrated.

Sounds refreshing, right? Can’t wait.

Thanks for reading today’s post! If you’re a blogger, I’d love to hear if you’ve struggled with the blogging blues? And if you’re a reader, what real fashion advice are you looking for?