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October 28, 2014

After realizing that I’ve been sitting on a couch that entered my life back when flared jeans were all the rage, my husband and I decided it was time to make a grown-up purchase. This blog post comes to you from our new chaise sofa!

We found our new sofa (and coffee table, because why not?) at Bob’s Discount Furniture, where the salespeople are a bit pushy but if you kill them with kindness, it’s a great place to find a good deal. Now that we have this fancy new living room setup, I’ve caught the decorating bug and want to upgrade our rug, art, and decorative accents! Yep, I’ve created a monster.

I find that looking for home decor online is a bit challenging — I have trouble picturing how big something is or figuring out if the quality is okay. So thank goodness for Pinterest! I’ve been beefing up my Decorate board lately with tons of decorating inspiration. A few favorites…

Grey & yellow patterned family room

Grey + yellow, what a happy color combo.

Hot pink wall, hot pink pillows

Hubby might not go for a hot pink wall, but I love the matching paint color and pillows!

Black + white family room

Love the look of a sleek feature shelf above the couch.

Two-toned painted door

A painted door — instead of a whole room — is a good option for renters. Love the two-toned colors!

Reclaimed wood accents

A neutral family room is so classic and homey, especially with reclaimed wood touches.

Now that we’ve had a little Pinspiration, it’s time to decorate! I’ve rounded up a bunch of affordable (and adorable) home accents that would look good in any home. Any favorites?

All room photos via Pinterest: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Secondhand Shopping with Twice

October 24, 2014

Grey blazer + stripes

Blazer and tee: c/o Twice | Jeans: Old Navy| Flats: Old Navy (similar) | Clutch: River Island (similar) | Necklace: JCrew Factory (similar)

Love clothing but hate to shop? You are not alone. I can’t tell you how times I’ve heard my friends and readers complain about shopping.

It’s just too much trouble…

There aren’t enough hours in the day…

My feet hurt…

I feel you. I used to love spending a Saturday at the mall, hunting for the perfect piece of clothing. But lately? Meh, I’d rather brunch with friends or celebrate fall. That said, I still love new clothes! So here’s a thought: how about hunting for bargains from home?

Twice is an online retailer that buys and sells secondhand clothing, shoes, and handbags. The concept may sound familiar — last year I introduced you all to a similar site called thredUP — so yes, it’s obvious I have a problem and love online consignment shops!! Twice has a similar feel with a ton of super cute, super affordable consigned items.

Twice: a secondhand clothing store online

Because I’ve been known to strategize my shopathons, I decided to take a similar focused approach to shopping at liketwice.com. After quickly browsing their new items in my size (kudos to Twice’s filtering features), I decided to focus in on brands I like and know fit me. LOFT, J.Crew, GAP, Banana Republic. All my girls were there, in one place!

The striped tee I’m wearing is J.Crew ($12.95) and the grey blazer is Silence + Noise, a line from Urban Outfitters ($18.95). I’ve actually been on a quest for a grey blazer, so this was a major score! Everything arrived in the cutest packaging and felt brand new.

So to my readers who are too busy/tired/uninspired to hit up the mall this weekend, I recommend checking out Twice!

Pink + grey outfit

Office casual: boyfriend blazer + pops of color

Items were gifted from Twice. Opinions expressed here are my own. As a reminder, Style Me Thrifty only partners with brands that I really, truly love.

Wish List Wednesday: Sonix Phone Cases

October 22, 2014

I may be on the cutting edge of fashion, but when it comes to tech gadgets, I’m slow to jump on the latest trends. My iPad is a first generation — as in, Apple has stopped supporting app updates because that thing is so ancient. And my cell phone? Don’t worry, I not rocking a Razor or anything (remember these?), but I did finally upgrade my iPhone to a 5S last week (get crazy!).

This means I’m mainly just excited to find a new case! Because sometimes it’s all about the accessories.

In my quest for the perfect phone case, I stumbled upon Sonix tech cases. Gosh, these cases are cute. And durable. I ended up ordering this one, but seeing as how we change jewelry daily, a solid rotation of cases is necessary, too, right?

Sonix iPhone Cases

shop-the-post-smtHearts | Kaleidoscope
Leaves | Dots

Sonix makes cases for all types of iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, so definitely check out all of their adorable cases.