Style Me Maternity Photos

March 7, 2017

Maternity photos in Old Town Alexandria, VA | Style Me Thrifty

There’s something about becoming a mom for the first time that inspires action. I’ve loved the extra surge of productivity that has come with my pregnancy and have been busy crushing to-do lists (while I still can… I realize at 34 weeks now, this will change soon!). One item that made it to my mama must-have list? Maternity photos.

I wanted to capture the sweet bump and our proud, glowing faces, so I reached out to my friend, Rachel E.H. Photography, to arrange a maternity shoot at 32 weeks in Old Town, Alexandria, the perfect backdrop for photos. Old Town is also a huge part of our love story — we were married here, too!

Casual maternity photos taken in Old Town Alexandria, VA | Style Me Thrifty

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

What to wear for maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

What to Wear

Since I know that you all come here for the fashion, let’s talk about what to wear to maternity photos! Oh man, to say I overthought our outfits is an understatement. I tried on so many options, took so many selfies for my bestie to vote on, and ultimately realized: when you’re taking professional photos, the outfits take a back seat to all that love. When I look through Rachel’s photos, I see the amazing quality of her shots, the love between my husband and me, and, of course, the glorious bump.

My top tips on what to wear: pick two looks to get a variety of shots (a dressy look and a casual look), coordinate with your partner (but avoid being too matchy matchy), and pick something that accentuates the belly and that you still feel like yourself in (fitted is good; suffocating is not).

I started with my outfits and then picked items Mark already owned for his coordinating looks. He’s basically in head-to-toe JCrew; fashion is so much easier for men!

What to wear: maternity photos | Seraphine dress, Baublebar necklace, Clarks booties | via Style Me Thrifty

Dressy Outfit: Seraphine Black Dot Woven Dress | Baublebar Globe Strands necklace | Intimate Portal maternity tights | Clarks booties

Keeping it casual for maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

Casual Outfit: A Pea in the Pod sweater (free from a neighbor!) | Motherhood Maternity jeggings | Jessica Simpson Zenka flats | Julie Vos ring

We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous morning for our pics. If you’re looking to take photos in Old Town, I highly recommend the side streets around Prince and Pitt. And Swift Alley makes for a private backdrop (between Fairfax and Lee). Thank you, Rachel, for the great pics! We can’t wait to meet our little one in April.

Scroll down for more shots from our maternity shoot!

Virginia maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

Maternity shoot prop: adorable onesie! | Style Me Thrifty

Onesie prop for maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

Maternity photos in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia | Style Me Thrifty

Maternity photos outfit: Seraphine Black Dot Woven Dress & Baublebar Globe Strands necklace | Style Me Thrifty

Maternity photos pose idea | Style Me Thrifty

Baby boy maternity photo outfit ideas | Style Me Thrifty

Old Town Alexandria alley, great location for maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

Then & now! Wedding and maternity pics in Old Town Alexandria | Style Me Thrifty

^^Then and now! We recreated one of my favorite wedding pics from 3 years ago!^^

Natural maternity photos by Rachel E.H. Photography | Style Me Thrifty

Stuffed animal prop for maternity photos | Style Me Thrifty

All photos taken by Rachel E.H. Photography


Le Tote Maternity Review

January 10, 2017

Le Tote maternity subscription review | Style Me Thrifty

Leota Maternity via Le Tote (photographed at 21 weeks)

A few years ago, my friend Amy and I had a genius idea for a new business: we were going to start a clothing company that delivered rented maternity clothes to pregnant women. We worked together at the time and had visions of quitting our nonprofit jobs, hiring our database expert friend, partnering with a local green dry cleaner, and launching BumpBox (cute name, right?) to pregnant women who didn’t want to buy maternity clothes when they could easily rent them!

We enthusiastically printed out the application to be on Shark Tank (as most budding entrepreneurs do) and then? We lost steam, filed BumpBox under the “daydream” category, and got back to our day jobs. Sigh.

So you can imagine my awe (and immense jealously!) when Le Tote launched their maternity subscription. It was basically our idea! Only bigger and, let’s be honest, probably way better. I managed to push my jealously aside — because hey, this growing belly needs clothes — and signed up to try out Le Tote’s maternity subscription.


Le Tote review | Style Me Thrifty

Similar to Le Tote’s regular subscription, pregnant mamas sign up and then browse items that are currently available to rent. When you see something you like, you add the item to your “closet.” Tip: Le Tote adds new items to the site pretty often, so I like to update my closet every couple weeks.


Le Tote maternity review | Style Me Thrifty

Here’s where things get good: when I used Le Tote back in 2013, the items they sent were a surprise. Today, you get to select the exact items you want to receive. First, a stylist sends an email with their own picks based on your closet. You can either choose those OR customize your tote by swapping in the exact pieces you want to wear that week. I LOVE THIS. I can look on my calendar and see that I’ll need a dressier top for a party or work dress for a presentation and then pick what I want to see in my box.


Le Tote: Rental maternity clothes | Style Me Thrifty

Octavia Maternity dress | Octavia cardi (photographed at 23 weeks)

$69/month gets you either: three clothing items + two accessories or four clothing items (you get to pick your plan — I chose the latter). Wear the items however long you like, then send them back via USPS when you’re done. I’m giving Le Tote huge props for their quick shipping; I usually receive my next tote within five days. I’ve received four totes so far — about two per month — so breaking it all down, that’s $8.63 per item. And I typically wear everything twice (thrifty FTW!), so really, that’s only $4.31 per wear!


Le Tote maternity review | Style Me Thrifty

Tart Maternity top | Jules & Jim Maternity jeggings (photographed at 20 weeks)

Most importantly, how cute are the clothes? Overall, I’d give them a A-. I have liked the majority of the 16 items that I’ve received and only hated/not worn two (because of bad fit or not my style). They carry good quality brands like Seraphine, Leota Maternity, and Tart Maternity — and I like wearing these lesser-known brands as opposed to Motherhood Maternity all day, every day.

Final Thoughts

Review of Le Tote maternity | Style Me Thrifty

Jules & Jim Maternity top | Leota Maternity dress | Seraphine dress | Maternal America top

Pregnant ladies, treat yourself and try Le Tote maternity! Or hint to a loved one that you’d like a gift subscription. Dressing the bump everyday gets tricky and who has money for a whole new maternity wardrobe? I highly recommend trying it. And to my non-pregnant readers, their regular subscription is just as awesome, too!

This post was sponsored by Le Tote. As a reminder, Style Me Thrifty only partners with brands that I really, truly love.





Stitch Fix Maternity Reveal (2nd Trimester)

December 20, 2016

Stitch Fix maternity review | Style Me Thrifty

Whew, this post has been a long time coming! I’ve been wanting to publish it since October 4th. That was over two months ago when I was a naive little 12-week pregnant mama who couldn’t wait any longer to try out Stitch Fix maternity clothes. I was still keeping the bun in the oven at the time, so I ordered my first Stitch Fix maternity box, snapped lots of pics, and then promptly filed this blog post under “for the future.”

Looking back at these photos… is cracking me up. At the time, I thought I had the start of a baby bump, but in hindsight, it really just looks like I ate a Chipotle burrito! I definitely didn’t need maternity clothes back then (like I do now at 23 weeks!), but I was eager to try out Stitch Fix to see if their maternity clothes were as fun to receive as non-maternity. My goal was to find a couple things that could grow with me in the coming months. Here’s what arrived in my box:

1) RD Style Jana Poncho Pullover $78

RD Style Jana Poncho Pullover via Stich Fix | Style Me Thrifty

To say I love this poncho would be a massive understatement. I adore it. Everyone needs one super cozy sweater in their closet, and this fits the bill perfectly. Bonus points because I can wear it over leggings or dress it up — yay for versatility!

RD Style Jana Poncho Pullover via Stich Fix | Style Me Thrifty

I know that some women are all about accentuating the bump with tight clothing, but hey, we all need some loose items in our closet, too. This poncho is loose yet still chic and will fit me for months to come. KEPT.

2) Loveappella Hartley Knit Maternity Dress $68

Loveappella Hartley Knit Maternity Dress via Stich Fix | Style Me Thrifty

Woof. Call me crazy but I tend to avoid fitted dresses that cling to every body part, lump, panty line, etc. I can confirm: I’m still avoiding them in my pregnant body! This polka dot dress is a stretchy jersey material with no magical maternity ruching — nothing — just straight lines that hug your bump, butt, and hips.

Loveappella Hartley Knit Maternity Dress via Stich Fix | Style Me Thrifty

Let’s pretend for a minute that I did like fitted dresses: even then, there was no way it was going to fit a month later. It would only grow tighter in the belly and rear, making be wonder, is this even a maternity dress? SENT BACK.

3) Just Black Adorra Maternity Skinny Jean $88

Just Black Adorra Maternity Skinny Jean via Stitch Fix | Style Me Thrifty

One of life’s hardest tasks is finding pants that fit. And finding good-fitting pants online? Well, that’s impossible. Except! It’s not! These burgundy skinny jeans with a nice over-the-belly waistband showed up and they felt like Christmas morning. A perfect fit. And a perfect color, too.

Just Black Adorra Maternity Skinny Jean via Stitch Fix | Style Me Thrifty

I knew that I didn’t need a ton of pants in pregnancy (it’s all about the leggings!), but I could easily picture these matching a ton of different tops. The price tag was a little steep — I normally spend a modest $40 on jeans — but between the amazing fit and convenience, this was an easy decision. KEPT.

4) 41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse $48

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse via Stitch Fix | Style Me Thrifty

This top had me again wondering: is this even a maternity shirt? I think Stitch Fix needs to improve that ambiguity and get real: pregnant women need maternity brands.

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse via Stitch Fix | Style Me Thrifty

This blouse was a chiffon material with zero stretch. The length was nice but the fit around the waist was dicey. And by dicey, I mean, it barely fit me at 12 weeks, how could this fit anyone’s growing belly or bust? Plus, the color was also nothing special and the material wrinkled easily. SENT BACK.

5) RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan $64

RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan via Stitch Fix | Style Me Thrifty

In theory, I liked this goes-with-everything cardigan. Unfortunately, it looked better on a hanger than on me. I felt like I was wearing one of my dad’s sweaters.

RD Style Colton Marled Knit Cardigan via Stitch Fix | Style Me Thrifty

It was too big, too long, too beige. (Sidenote: I’m wearing the awesome Just Black jeans in these pics; they are sooo great!). Despite my love of cardis, this one was a bust. SENT BACK.

Final Thoughts

In short, I wasn’t over- or- under-whelmed with this box. Perhaps I was just “whelmed?” When I step back, receiving two great items out of five is pretty good odds, so maybe I should be happy with that! However, I can’t help but think: Stitch Fix has 9-ish months to make their pregnant customers happy — that’s a pretty small window of time to get it right. For that reason, I wish that a more personalized touch went into their selections and they sent items that were extra special during such a special time (either in style, color, exceptional fit, etc).

Right now, I have enough maternity clothes for months 6-7 of my pregnancy. But if the belly keeps growing (grow baby grow!), I’m willing to give their maternity services another shot during my third trimester. Stay tuned!

Have you tried Stitch Fix maternity? I’d love to hear your experience with it — leave a comment below!