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March 30, 2015 Review

Did you all read the hilarious Buzzfeed article about 4 “regular” women trying to fit into clothing from sketchy online retailers? Hilarious and also, totally frustrating.

This Is What “One Size Fits All” Actually Looks Like On All Body Types

I, myself, have wondered about these places before. I’ve clicked on ads from Sammydress and Rosegal, leading me to MEGA online sites selling trendy clothing at insanely cheap prices. Sounds too good to be true, right? With a little digging, you’ll find that these sites are based overseas, often in China. Their shipping times are unpredictable and their sizing seems like a crapshoot.

I’ve featured items from SheInside on my Wish List Wednesdays before (see here) and finally decided to purchase something to see it it’s worth the hype — or sketchy. Here’s the scoop:

Cardigan maxi dress – $18

SheInside maxi cardigan dress

This colorful sheer maxi seemed like a good place to start. I saw Suburban Faux Pas wearing it on her Instagram and after clicking through to SheInside, I loved being able to browse through the huge gallery of satisfied customers. I had visions of wearing this as a cover-up in Mexico. It arrived 13 days after my purchase and looked promising out of the bag. I purchased my usual size medium and found out quickly that the sleeves were threatening to cut off the circulation in my biceps since the material has no stretch. It’s not noticeable in pics but yeah, that didn’t feel great.

SheInside Review // maxi cardigan dress

I also had trouble buttoning it at my waist so I’ll only be able to wear it as an open cardigan. I definitely needed a large but their return and exchange policies seem complicated so I’m keeping it. Maybe I’ll wear it this summer?

Bird print dress – $13

SheInside bird print dress

The pattern on this dress is what caught my eye. I thought it’d be cute over leggings with a long necklace. It’s advertised as a dress but let’s be real, this is a tunic. I’m 5’4” and don’t feel comfortable wearing it with bare legs (hello exposed thighs!). It’s also unlined which is tricky given it’s white. I suspected these would be problems but at $13, shot for the moon. Once I added leggings, I felt more comfortable:

SheInside Review // bird print dress

And then I tried it with a belt. This gave it more shape, but I haven’t decided where I should wear it?

SheInside bird print dress

I ordered a size up, a large, thinking that would give me extra length, but it turns out, a medium would have been better as the shape is swingy. If this dress had been lined, I’d tell everyone about it because the print and price are fab! Now I just need to buy a slip…

Gold cross circle ring – $5 (sold out, but this one is similar)

SheInside criss cross gold ring

I wanted to see how their jewelry compared to say, Forever 21. The verdict is: meh, it’s fine, I guess? I certainly wasn’t expecting anything too fancy at $5, but this ring didn’t wow me. It just feels a little… dinky. I think I’ve graduated to mid-range jewelry lately (it’s hard to beat BaubleBar’s selection and still-affordable prices) so super-cheap jewels leave me wanting a bit more.

Blue lens sunglasses – $8

SheInside blue lens sunglasses

This was the funniest item I purchased — mirrored blue lens aviators because at $8, why not?! Well, here’s where things get strange. These sunglasses were shipped separately from my other items (SheInside warned me that might happen) and they arrived 34 days after I made my purchase. An entire month! The sunglasses did look as pictured and came in a sunglasses case, but nothing is worth that kind of wait. They’re a little big on my face so after wearing them a few days and in this outfit post, I passed them on to my husband :)

Final verdict on SheInside: I was pleasantly surprised that everything from SheInside fit (more or less). Sure, I didn’t hit a home run on sizing, but I never do at Old Navy or Target either! Besides the sunglasses, the items arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The tracking notifications were very vague though, so it was a surprise when both unmarked bags showed up on my doorstep. Overall, I think SheInside is fine for making an occasional trendy purchase, but I’d much rather purchase clothing from more-reputable brands or support local stores.

Have you shopped SheInside or another similar retailer yet? What was your experience?

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Reflecting on 4 Years of Blogging

March 26, 2015

Reflecting on 4 Years of Blogging

In news that makes me feel old, it’s Style Me Thrifty’s 4th blog anniversary! Wowee wowee. I never would have predicted back in 2010 that I’d make it through four whole years of writing, shopping, posing, networking, and publishing. But here we are! 346 posts and over half a million pageviews later.

Hang on a sec — it sounds like I’m making my blogging career sound like rainbows and sunshine, right? Well, here’s a little secret: my commitment to blogging wavered ever-so-slightly earlier this winter. I woke up one morning and thought to myself:

I don’t feel like blogging; not today, not tomorrow, and probably not the next day.

The feeling stayed with me a few weeks (as I tried my best to ignore it!) and when I confided in a few friends about my blogging slump, it felt surprisingly liberating! I had spoken my feelings out loud! But then my next reaction was total panic: ohmygod, had I officially lost my blogging mojo?!

At the time I didn’t have a solid answer to that, soooo I just kept blogging and blogging and blogging. And you know what happened?

Some pretty amazing blog posts started flowing once I gave myself a little freedom to write ones that felt more “me.” A reader survey, a home office refresh, one of my favorite outfits ever. I created posts with love (did you see my holiday cards?) and ones with lots of hard work (4 Pinterest outfits post). It turned out that once I admitted to myself that I was feeling lost, it gave me a chance to recalibrate and I quickly found my way. Honesty works wonders. Funny how that happens, right?

I’m happy to report my mojo is back! I’m sure this won’t be the last time I question my place in the blogosphere — it’s gotten so competitive, so cliquey, and so all about making money. But now I know that if I just keep creating content that I truly love, it makes it easy for you guys to love it, too!

On that note about love, I wanted to round-up a few of my most-loved moments from this past year of blogging.

Top 5 Most-Loved Blogging Moments This Year

1) I love that one of my most-pinned photos this year is of my bridesmaids and me!

Style Me Thrifty bridesmaids

2) I love taking outfit photos with Kate from Two Take on Style during our lunch breaks. Once we find a good background, we both end up taking pics there!

Two Take on Style // Style Me Thrifty

3) I love that even after four years, Style Me Thrifty’s most popular blog post continues to be my bridal shower outfit advice post, written during my first month of blogging!

Bridal shower post

4) I love when my fashion idol, THE Lauren Conrad, favorites my tweets.

Lauren Conrad tweet

5) I love my supportive husband who usually hides behind the camera but is quite the fashion guru, too.

Style Me Thrifty

And a big thanks to YOU all, my lovely readers, for your clicks, comments, and fashion questions over these four years (and counting!). You’re the best!

To my fellow bloggers: has anyone else been hot & cold with their blog? Would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Wish List Wednesday: Accessory Concierge

March 25, 2015

Affordable jewelry from Accessory Concierge

Oh boy, do I love stumbling upon new budget-friendly brands! Just when I thought I had hit the end of the Internet and discovered all thriftiness there was to find, I clicked on Accessory Concierge. Have y’all shopped this jewelry brand yet?

The name “concierge” originally had me thinking it was a delivery service like Rocksbox, but it’s really just a cool brand that takes care of their customers by selling on-trend statement jewelry at really great prices. In addition to a website, Accessory Concierge also has an active Facebook page where they post flash sales every so often to the quickest bidder.

I’m having trouble narrowing down my first Accessory Concierge purchase because all of their jewelry is sooo cute! Here’s what’s on my list: