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July 20, 2016

2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Let’s talk about life for a minute. We’re in the thick of summer… and I am exhausted. I need a summer break from summer. I’ve been super busy, super discouraged by all the sad current events, and super ready for something lighthearted to come around.

So I joined Snapchat (lord help me) and proceeded to laugh way too hard at all the ridiculous filters.

And then after that nonsense, I browsed the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale sneak peek — and for a moment, all was okay in the world.

If you need a break from the heavy news, wild weekends, work stress, you-name-it, then make a little time for yourself and shop. It’s really hard to not smile at really cute clothes at really amazing prices.

Nordstrom cardholders can shop early access right now; the rest of us can shop the #NSale starting Friday (it runs July 22 to August 7).

Since I’m currently browsing thousands of women’s items, let me help you strategize your shopping by sharing few of my favorite deals under $100:





Living Without a Full Length Mirror

July 18, 2016

Once upon a time, a fashion blogger (me!) was living in a rented townhouse that came with not 1 but 2 full length mirrors. They were like little gifts from the fashion gods, sent to me to document every adorable outfit. Now, these mirrors weren’t anything fancy — just standard ‘nail it to the wall’ full length mirrors — but boy, did they get the job done.

And then this fashion blogger moved — to a place I now own! — and decided it was time to purchase a grown-up floor mirror. So I left the old mirrors behind in the rental and purchased one from West Elm back in April. Gorgeouuuuus, right?

West Elm Parsons Floor Mirror - Gray Herringbone

West Elm Parsons Floor Mirror (sold out; also love this one)

This is where our story takes a turn… The mirror was backordered. <GASP!> Shipping would be delayed two weeks. I figured I could wait. Two weeks later, it was delayed some more. So I waited.

Two months later, this sucker finally arrived on my door step. And wow, it was worth the wait.

West Elm Parsons Floor Mirror - Gray Herringbone | Style Me Thrifty

JCrew Factory Heart Dot Striped T-Shirt

But our story doesn’t end here. I learned quite a few important lessons during these long mirror-less months, mainly: I put a high importance on being able to see what I look like. Vain? OCD? Fashion-obsessed? All of the above?

Here are 5 lessons I learned living with a full-length mirror.

Cynthia Rowley Amethyst Dress via Rent the Runway

Cynthia Rowley Amethyst Dress via Rent the Runway

1. Muscle memory. Without a full length mirror around, I found that muscle memory kicked in and I relied on my tried & true outfits. The name of the game was wearing my favorites items and best-fitting clothes because I knew they looked good. And now I want to take this lesson with me. Who needs a mirror when you only own stuff that you really love and always looks good?

2. Shoes make an outfit. And not being able to see said shoes — well, that’s a fashion dilemma. If I stood on my tippy toes in the bathroom mirror, I still could only see to my hips. How do these heels look? Flats or sandals? Gah, I couldn’t make a shoe decision! Those moments had me repeating the great fashion mantra: shoes make an outfit.

3. Getting dressed is faster without a mirror. I’ve been a victim to the fatal clothing crisis many times over. You try something on, look in the mirror, hate it, and go back to the closet for something else. Repeat. But without a mirror to boss me around, I found that I always committed to the first outfit I put on. So easy and way faster.

4. Supportive husbands rock. I’ll come clean here and admit that I made Mark snap a few quick morning pics to help me see how everything looked together. Those photos btw are so dorky and awkward, but hey, they helped! It was also nice having a real person, and not my own judgements in a mirror, tell me I looked good.

5. My inner confidence shined bright. This final lesson was very eye-opening. For two months, I relied on nothing but my own confidence. I had to just trust that I looked good. So what if I didn’t wear a perfectly-assembled outfit? The show must go on, so I owned every outfit. Thank you, self confidence.

Charles Henry Short Sleeve Floral Print Romper | Nordstrom

Charles Henry Short Sleeve Floral Print Romper via Nordstrom

The moral of this sob story? Less time in front of the mirror means more time to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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Outfit: Rocking a Romper

May 31, 2016

Romper outfit for summer: Poshmark romper, Target sandals, Ray-Ban sunnies, Madewell tote

Be Bop Romper via Poshmark (similar) | Target Sandals | Madwell Tote | Ray-Ban Sunnies

I did it! I am wearing a romper! A couple weeks ago I blogged about the adorable romper trend but I was stuck on one question: Are rompers too youthful?

Welp, I’ve decided the answer is resounding: WHO CARES! Wear what you love. Age means nothing. If you’re willing to shimmy out of your entire outfit to go to the bathroom, then buy a romper and never look back.

Summer trend: rompers! | Style Me Thrifty

Trend to try: rompers

BeBop romper (via Poshmark), Madwell tote

Summer romper

Summer romper | Style Me Thrifty

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